Say No to boring Clothes! It’s funny but many times we just stop paying attention to what we wear! It shouldn’t be so hard … should it? Here are my 5 tips for looking your best 1: Wear vibrant Colors: I don’t mean blinding Colors 😂. Just Colors that aren’t so dull and make you look older or depressed.Continue reading “Say No to boring Clothes!”

We all love a pop of Color Yesterday was a lovely day as I exhibited some of my handmade craft at the Salisbury market fair. Lots of sunshine and plenty to eat ,drink and buy! Met lovely people who were fascinated by the Color display in my stall. I love Colors, they make me happy and I love sharing the burstContinue reading “We all love a pop of Color”

Understanding women’s sizing chart

Today on my YouTube page I talk about understanding dress size chart and how to go about buying a dress or making one using different sizes. Once you know how to work with sizes, as a fashion designer or dress maker, the job becomes easier! For US women sizing chart, the numbers are lower becauseContinue reading “Understanding women’s sizing chart”