She Dared to Dream!

The author of this sensational motivational book is no other than the delectable Mrs Esther Igeleke a bosom friend and sister of long standing. Yes she dared to dream..and she has published the book entitled ‘ Who you are, You are Special”

Finally she has put her views, heart and Inspiration out there . She is a firm believer in raising and uplifting each other in a society where they are many downtrodden and emotionally scared individuals.

According to Mrs Igeleke, “The purpose of this book is to make a difference in the lives of every reader, with major emphasis on our preteens, teenagers and, every one battling with their identity.”

It’s a lie to think that you are not good enough; or worth anything. There are over 8 billion humans on earth and we all have unique thumb print and DNA; that confirm our uniqueness. Every one is totally special, amazing, beautiful, unique.

The truth is that children and teenagers are faced with diverse forms pressure, which could emanate parental control, peers or their personal issues. But knowing who we are brings life transformation.

True transformation begins from within and by constant purposeful renewal of our minds from all the negative words spoken, ( from our friends, families, environment, traditions, religion, social media ).

I realise that self improvement does not change or help in this situation; it only modifies our behaviour. It cannot change the hurts that has been deposited in our heart.

In the book, there are 80 scriptural references informing and confirming to every reader ” How special You are!”

To buy her book on amazon please copy and paste link in your browser.

Happy reading!

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