Boss Lady Defined.

Boss lady isnt a new word, it has been thrown around many times!

I asked who a boss lady really is and got some nteresting views in my inbox.

A boss lady according to my own definition is not necessarily a rich girl!

A boss lady is a girl that is bold, unafraid to try!

She is determined and never gives up even if she fails!

She knows her limitations but yet she dares beyond her dreams.

A boss lady is loving, compassionate yet knows when to draw the line between business and sentiments.

She puts God and family above everything else.

She is a hard worker, sister, friend,mother,lover,teacher,nurse,wife,daughter,entrepreneur, engineer,caterer,carer,……whatever the situation needs her to be!

She can stand alone even if the whole world turns their back on her , her ideas and what she stands for. She is not afraid to be different.

A boss lady motivates, inspires and show others the way.

She is not selfish…she is not arrogant…she is just living her dreams!

Goodmorning to all the boss ladies out there! . . . . .


Published by Style with Ufuoma Omoluru

Am a wife,mum,fashion stylist and mentor ,enterpreneur and blogger. Love life and family!

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