The good ,The bad,The ugly

So 2020 is almost gone ! Just like that….. as if it should be completely wiped out from the world’s calendar. When we all look back,we sigh,its a year we wish never happened! but alas! it did!A lot of sadness,anguish,helplesness,loss of loved ones,unemployment,depression,dismay, just to mention the negatives of 2020.

While we all agree it was an unprecendented year in human history and want it gone too fast, we can not help but also do a bit of retrospection.Along with the good, like many life occurences also had it’s few positives.

For me,it started really well,moving abroad with my family,thinking of the endless doors of opportunity that would open for me and my business… and then ….Covid 19! No one saw it coming but it stared at us right in the face and refuse to go away! Corona virus made me sharpen my skill, i tried my hands on a lot of things i could only have done in my dreams

Yes I became a barber….i had to give my husband and son a hair cut because the salons were not open,it was unbelievable that i even became so good at it,my hubby no longer wants to go get a hair cut in the salons anymore!

I also became a baker…yes at a point during the lock down,bread was no longer easily available on the shelves and i had to start baking my own bread ….and i did a pretty good job at it.

The lockdown also gave me time to do more videos for my youtube channel which soared from a mere 200 subscribers in january to over 850 subscribers at the moment.

Thats not all, the most important thing for me was that i took the bulls by the horns and went for my very first exhibition in the Uk once the first lockdown was eased.That began my sojorn into the business world in europe.I met amazing people along the way, some became friends,others sisters and gained mothers too.

Yes 2020 is a yearwe wish to probably erase but our acheivements,our resilence in the face of the pandemic,our survival, our little victores,the rekindle determination to live and succeed in our chose careers and endeavor would always spur us on and be indelible in our hearts.

The good,The bad,The Ugly…. tale of 2020

goodbye 2020!

Published by Style with Ufuoma Omoluru

Am a wife,mum,fashion stylist and mentor ,enterpreneur and blogger. Love life and family!

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