Learn a Skill

When I was 17 years old,I watched a film that partly imparted my entire carrier choice. ‘Escape from Sorbibo’ . It was centred around 2 brothers and how they survived the Nazi Holocaust. Millions of people were killed in the gas chambers….you know why?most probably because they were not useful to the German army! They had no skills. I will never forget how the protagonist helped his younger brother survive by revealing to him the moment he arrived at the camp to tell the German soldiers he could repair shoes,when in reality he could not! Anytime he was given a task,he would manage to find his brother who was skilled to help him fix it. Somehow at great risk of being caught he managed to do this through out his time in the in the Nazi concentration camp! Since that day,I vowed to learn a skill because it just might safe my life someday! The truth is…… it did! No one knows tomorrow, today you have a job,tomorrow it may be gone. One day you have a job, the next day you may find yourself being restricted. So my advise to everyone male or female,young or old is learn a skill! With a skill you can never go hungry . With a skill you will always have something to fall back on. With a skill you will never be broke. With a skill you empower yourself. With a skill you are more optimistic about the future. . . . . . #learnaskill #empoweryourseld #womenempowerment #positivevibes #mondaymotivation #mondaymood #womeninbusiness #workfromhomemom #uktravel#livinginuk #lifestyleblogger #lifeinlondon

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Am a wife,mum,fashion stylist and mentor ,enterpreneur and blogger. Love life and family!

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