Dress for success..

We all wish and desire to be successful at our endeavors. Sometimes we wonder why we don’t go as far as we would want to in our pursuit for success.

Many factors can undermine our growth, it could be our attitude, Strategy, motivation, situation or even our looks!

Yes,you heard me right,looks!. We live in a world where looks is almost everything. Whether you sell roasted yam,fry Ankara, teach,work in an establishment or run your own business,you need the x-factor that looking good brings to open doors and reach your potentials

Gone are the days when you are condemned to who or what you are! Technology and modern advancement has made it possible to upgrade ourselves in regardless of our social or financial status, background,education or physique.

Clothes have a powerful transforming effect! Trust me on this. As a stylist and fashion designer I have seen and been part of many transformations!

The look on the faces of this women is priceless, when they can’t recognize themselves simply because of one fact: they wore the right cloth!

Many women buy clothes or choose styles simply because they like it or saw someone wear it and looked good in it.

This assumption can be faulty sometimes. The person wearing it doesn’t have the same body type as you do( I discussed body types in an earlier article) Another reason it may not look good on you is that some clothes are perfect for editorials.. But not as wearable in real live!

Sometimes the model has to really pose in a way that makes the cloth look perfect ,meanwhile you are just an ordinary girl who has little time for shakara😀.

So five things that should guide you in buying or making clothes should be –

1: Fit

2: functionality

3: Budget

4:Your body type

5:Your personality

So when you dress well and appropriately people want to listen to you or give you a chance. When you don’t the reverse is the case,people just discard you and seldom give you a chance.

The point really is that looking good doesn’t have to be expensive, you don’t have to be rich or break a bank to look good. Whether it is second hand clothes or new ones,tailored or ready to wear ,pay attention to you and what will make you look the part,. Good clothes make you classy not trashy!

They are apps today that can help you look the part . You can also meet a stylist to help in this regard. Reading fashion magazines will also help you improve your fashion skills. Also important is getting feedbacks from friends who are stylish😉

Always remember looking good is good business and worth every effort and penny!

Photo credit: Voila! Wears

Published by Style with Ufuoma Omoluru

Am a wife,mum,fashion stylist and mentor ,enterpreneur and blogger. Love life and family!

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