Getting the best out of Trends!

Talking about trends it’s like talking about a movie😀. The story continues…..

Trends have always been since Adam and Eve noticed they were naked!

Yea…going back memory lane to as far as our memory can take us ,we acknowledge the ever evolving phase of fashion called trend.

I remember my mum used to have big Afro hair,wear mini dresses and Skirts and my Dad used to wear boot leg pants with wide collar shirts😋.

Am sure we all have memories whether we lived it or we witnessed them through pictures.

These days the trends are so many,not just a few…from midi dresses, pencil pants to cold shoulder sleeves to high slits,not to mention the maxi dresses that trail or the exaggerated sleeves or peplum tops. Not to be left out is the bold matching of unconventional colors and wearing of sneakers with English dresses or Ankara! Wow..….you see the trends are almost impossible to keep up with😌.

One beautiful thing about today’s fashion is that many things are acceptable and the trends don’t pass so quickly as they used to.

So while we love trends we don’t want to get carried away with too much of what may not be wearable in some time to come.

As a simple girl who loves to look good I still have in my closet clothes from like 10 years now,and believe me I still wear them and people are awed by them because the are unique and pretty. This is so because when I shop I don’t necessarily follow trend but good fashion.

So my dear babes,when shopping so as to have a functional wardrobe buy more of classic, timeless pieces and less of the trends, you can thank me later🤗.

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Photo credit: Pinterest

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Am a wife,mum,fashion stylist and mentor ,enterpreneur and blogger. Love life and family!

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