How to make money from sewing!

I love fashion! I am a fashion designer,I sew,sketch, design, cut and fabric shop. Yes I do all that and I enjoy what I do because I have passion for it!

If you are as passionate as I am and want to go into fashion as business or for fun,trust me you will find it rewarding!

While it is true that it is kind of saturated now,there is still plenty room for many more fashion designers !

To start off as a fashion designer and break into the industry ,you need to create a niche for yourself. Don’t be a copycat………try to be different and unique.

You don’t have to sew yourself,you can come up with designs and either get tailors to sew for you or you buy from established tailors. Whichever you choose to do ,be you,!stay true to your individuality.

You can decide to just stick to one angle of fashion, maybe you could decide to do just dresses, kaftans,skirts or tops as the case maybe. This way it is cost effective and easier. Don’t be a jack of all trade!

You can also decide you want to work on readymade made clothes, by beading,stoning or adding patches to them you can also make money.

It is also possible to work with established designers and sell for them at a commission.

So my dear readers you see your options are numerous! Don’t be afraid to try new ideas,start off small and see what works for you!

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Have fun sewing or learning…my online classes “fashionpreneur” are designed to help you develop your love and passion for sewing😉

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Am a wife,mum,fashion stylist and mentor ,enterpreneur and blogger. Love life and family!

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