Five Color Trends To Rock this 2018!

It’s no wonder that i love to share tips on fashion here and there.

Being abreast with fashion trends helps you be a slayer. You don’t necessary have to follow the trends closely,but it can serve as a guide in your choice of wardrobe and style.

I personally don’t follow fashion trends ,I believe in being classic staying with trends that are timeless. However because of the nature of my job I have to stay current with what is going on,especially on the fashion scene.

My customers love when I give them eye popping and latest Vogue…😉

If you are an event person,fabric dealer or fashion designer like me then it is important you pay attention to these colors trends for 2018!

Your clients will certainly thank you later,if not immediately…..😀.

Colors you don’t want to miss..

1: Red. Yea, red whether it is pepper red or tomatoes red,it is a color that is and will be appearing a lot on the runway this spring/summer 2018. Red is the color of love,spontaneity and boldness. So you may want to add some sparkle to your wardrobe with adorable red!

2: Lavender. What comes to mind is purity,softness and sleek. In some part of the world like Nigeria we call it lilac. I particular am not a fan but it really is a beautiful color when combined properly.

3: Tangerine. A shade of orange. It exudes the feeling of joy, warm heat, sunshine….just like the tangerine fruit. It is lovely when used for house decorations,weddings and beautiful on clothes too when combined with shades of green and red. This hue made a comeback this year’s spring on the runways of Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein and Tom Ford.

4: Sky blue: Just like the color of the sky at noon on a perfect day ,its gives the impression of selfless love and fidelity. Its a sultry hue that embodies class.

5:Bold Yellow: stands for freshness,clarity,happiness and optimism. We have been seeing this color too on the runway this season.

So it is likely you have these colors in your closet already,so you may not need to go all out to get them,all you need to do is dust it out and adorn them beautifully in the spirit of the season…cheers!


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