She found her Voice!

Today is international women day. As women we seem to be at the receiving ends of relationships.

Today I want to share a story of a strong, black Nigerian woman who overcame a lot to be who she is today. I hope her story inspires you or a friend to never give up but to stand up for yourself and overcome in the end.

Meet Emanuella, she hails from Eastern Nigeria. She is the CEO of Praise Works.

How did I meet her? I actually came in contact with her through my Facebook group called ‘Voila! Ankara Fever” she called me up some months back excited about the platform and in her usual bubbly and jovial way became a friend. She had been advertising her trainings on my platform . Didn’t know much about her until two days ago when she shared her story with me. I was really touched and inspired by her strength and resilience that we both agreed, we should share this with women out there.

She was married at an early age but unfortunately she was in an abusive relationship. Her husband would abuse her mentally, physically and otherwise. She wanted to leave the marriage but her elder sister encouraged her to remain. To her dismay, her said sister was in support of her husband. She was running a bar at that point in her life when her problems started, according to her, her then husband wanted her to abort the baby in her womb but she refused, so he beat her frequently.

In his bid to frustrate her, he accused her of having extramarital affair with a Ghanaian man that would come to her bar and assist her from time to time. Funny enough she said she mentioned the young man’s generosity towards her to her elder sister who betrayed her trust by telling her then husband she had a boyfriend who would visit her in her shop. This of course infuriated the man and he beat her the more and threw her out of their matrimonial home. Not only did he do this but also took her daughter away from her.

For two years she never saw her child or knew where she was. She was finally able to reach her estranged husband who at this time had a new wife. She begged him to let the daughter visit her and spend just a night with her. He obliged, and brought the daughter who name is praise.

She relates:

Mama Praise: I asked him to bring the child for just weekend

Mama Praise: He brought her

Mama Praise: With just one cloth

Mama Praise: One pant

Mama Praise: And a slippers

Mama Praise: And Praise never went back

Mama Praise: I went to the police to report

Mama Praise: Went to Agege warfare office

Mama Praise: Reported to women arise

Mama Praise: Went to the bale’a house

Mama Praise: Called the area guys in case he wants to take my child from me

Mama Praise: Changed her school

Mama Praise: Bought small clothes as I can

Mama Praise: And started a new phase of life with my child.

Mama Praise: And the ghana man helped

Mama Praise: After 3 years

Mama Praise: I fell in love with him

Mama Praise: And we got married 2 years ago traditionally

Mama Praise: The Ghana people came all the way from Ghana.

Mama Praise: To Abia state

So that was what she did. Today she is married to that Ghanaian man that was her good Samaritan! They have been together for 8years! He wedded her legally, Praise, (the pregnancy, she refused to abort) is all grown and Emmanuella is the CEO of her own company! She was able to do all this because she never gave up,she found her voice and today her past didn’t control her present or future!

Her message:

My name is Emmanuella Nneka
CEO Praises Works.
Am a passionate footwear and bags maker, I make, I sell and I train. (Group whatsapp trainings, Personal whatsapp training or one on one training).
I will be honored to help people out there find their way home to happiness
Instagram @Praisesworks


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