Life as an entrepreneur

Sharing my story and the journey so far with others has been a constant feature in my career as a fashion designer and consultant. In the course of doing so I realize others have been inspired to pursue their own dreams too.

I had always had the entrepreneurial spirit. I never dreamt or imagined myself working for someone else. The foundation was set for me by my dad who was a civil servant until his retirement. He said to me on the night of my going for national youth service corps in Nigeria that I had to decide now what career I wanted to pursue. He is a firm believer in working for self. He always says that much fulfillment comes from being your own boss! And alas!he was right. Looking back I will say that has shaped the person I have become. I am not afraid of starting from the scratch,challenges don’t scare me,I rise up to them.

Do not get me wrong it is not a smooth or easy journey, you must pay your dues! But the beautiful thing is the fact that it is worth it!

You are in control and no one can push you around. You earn as much as you put in,as long as your hard work is channelled positively.

For you to succeed as an entrepreneur you have to work hard and be dedicated to your chosen career. Don’t be misled to think its easier to work for self,sometimes it is harder. You could find yourself working 24 hours 7 days a week ! Yea…..but I tell you it gives you greater satisfaction when you start getting results than when you work for someone else or an organization.

So if you have a white collar job and you are thinking of starting a business for yourself, the time is now! Stop procrastinating,start small ,find out your Strong points and tap into your passion! It is said that passion plus profitability equals wealth!

To be a successful entrepreneur you have to carry out your research or do your feasibility studies. What you think may be financially rewarding business wise may turn out to be the reverse. So carry out surveys, know your market.

As an entrepreneur do not be afraid to fail! Keep trying until you find your niche! It is self fulfilling and rewarding to be your own boss. The opportunities are all around us, tap into them and you will be glad you did.

So whether you have a 7-5 job or are looking for one ,the new sexy is being an entrepreneur!

Published by Style with Ufuoma Omoluru

Am a wife,mum,fashion stylist and mentor ,enterpreneur and blogger. Love life and family!

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