Meet Cameroon’s youngest Fashion designer.

At only 22 ,she has dared to dream and ventured into a terrain for the brave and creative minds!

Her name is Sabina Mukwelle . She is the CEO of Sabina Fashions from English speaking Cameroon. Sabina started very early in her journey to be an entrepreneur. She has been very successful thus far participating in different fashion shows already.

How did I meet Sabina? I got a message from her through my Facebook page called Ankara Fever with over 120 thousand followers. She reached out to me,to get her story and vision for the industry published. I was so impresses by her boldness and zeal to be on top of her game that I decided to dedicate this article to her.

She is an inspiration to every aspiring fashion designer or entrepreneur. Let’s meet Sabina!

Question:OK. So l want to know how and when you started?

Answer:Actually I started at the age of 9,got inspiration from Western designs to transform them in to west Africans designs. I normally learnt after my school period when I just started my secondary school and during holidays.

Question:What financial backing did you get?because I know it takes some money to get started.

For the financial part of it all I got from my mum was just a machine cus many people never thought am going to take the training as a profession though I hard a dream to be an industry. While in my secondary school I did fashion and designing.

Question:What is your dream as a designer?

Answer: Concerning my dreams I just want to explore fashion in many domains be it Western and Africans wears. Subsequently by having a factory that will create employment and give opportunities and free training to the less privileged.

Question: I also want to know how you sell your designs and your advice to young and aspiring designers.

Answer: For now my aim is to ensure that I satisfied my clients with their demands because I already have them but am still building my brand so I need to look for consumers. As for my advice I will say if they choose to do fashion they must have passion for it because without the passion there will be no determination and no dreams in addition even if u learn from the best designer u will not keep the knowledge since your mind is stiff.

Presently she is in Nigeria for a magazine production.

So there we have it! Guess you picked one or two thing from her brief resume. You can follow her on her Facebook page Sabina Fashions. You can also send her a mail on or by phone:±237673534711.

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