What’s an Apple shape?

Hello readers… Good to be here again. Hoping your day was fabulous. Mine was!

Today I will be writing about the apple shape. I had written about the hourglass and rectangle shape.

Apple as the word implies is a body shape that resembles the shape of an apple.

If you look closely at an apple, you will notice the upper part is bigger while the bottom is small. So if your bust is the biggest part of your body then you have an apple shape. Most times this shape is more applicable when you are plus size. What really makes it bigger is the shoulder and the bust .

So you want to avoid clothes that are figure hugging , avoid straight skirts except when paired with a peplum or flare top which has to be slightly longer than usual.

You want to wear full skirts, wide leg pants,flared dresses and empire waist clothes,these would accentuate your assets and give you the right proportion.

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