6 Home Businesses for Moms!

Yes I am a mom! It’s a blessing to be one. Every blessing they say comes with responsibilities…..whew..πŸ˜…. What can I say I can’t complain, all we need do as mothers who want or have a career is to get around it!

For one I always knew I wanted to work for myself and have time for my family, never been a fan of 8 to 6 jobs…I really don’t have the strength for that!

Working for yourself gives you ample opportunity to take care of your kids and the home front. With a lot of stories about house helps and their runs… Abeg I no fit shout!

I have always loved fashion, right from my university days, small wonder i decided that was the line I was going to pursue as a career… Business was thriving for me, had a lot of customers, business was booming… Alas came Mr right ,I had to settle down and relocate to Lagos…

Started hustling as usual, but this time around,I started selling online on Dealdey, Jumia and Konga .

Then as I was trying to find a footing…pregnancy came along…I had to pause. Three months after putting to bed, while my mother in law was still around, quickly I had to figure out how I was going to launch myself back in business.

I decided to get tailors to sew for me and bring to the house while I advertised and made sales. That way I started immediately before I would loose the zeal to start. My dear Naijababes, it worked for me o. I started making money in the comfort of my home while nursing my beautiful son!

So being a mum is no excuse to be laid back or go into inactivity

So you have to also think of a business you can run from home as a mom, if you don’t want a white collar job. It is actually the way to go these days.

Here are 6 businesses you can run from home.

1: Selling ready to wear online:

Yes! ready to wear clothes, whether you get a tailor to make them, you buy wholesale from tailors or you import, its a cool way to make money. Start by selling to your friends . But remember,for you to go into fashion you need to have a good eye for clothes and trends! If you are interested in this line of business send me a mail or message and I will get in touchπŸ˜‰

2: Accessories:

It doesn’t always have to be about clothes . You can sell fashion accessories like necklaces, earrings,wristwatches…. You could also decide to do Ankara bags, necklaces, shoes, bags…… These you can also sell online and to friends and family, in turn you will get patronage from word of mouth referrals.

3: Networking:

Yea…some people are skeptical about such business because they feel it is really cumbersome trying to convince people to part with their money. Well, every business requires you convincing someone.. Lol. So that shouldn’t discourage you! If you have a good network of people wanting to invest and you are a good conversationalist then maybe you should look into this line of business! It is actually a multi-billion dollar industry with great potentials. You need solid mentors and believe in yourself and what you sell and you will be just fine!

4: Hair products and cosmetics.

Women especially in Naija are crazy about their hair. It is all about the natural hair presently and many want it but don’t know how to go about it. So if you make your research carefully you actually can make money from buying and selling what is trendy. You can create a WhatsApp group or Facebook page to market your products. All these from the comfort of your home.

5: Online training

If you have got skills then you have what it takes to make money. All you need is to make videos on how to do certain skills, may be bag making, shoemaking, make up,tying of gele (head scarf or head gear) etc……. People often do this on Whatsapp groups, webinars or by selling ebooks. Whichever you choose its a great way to start earning money!

6: Blogger/YouTube

It is also a beautiful way to start making money but it not immediate, it takes time to start paying but if you are passionate about writing then this is a good option for you.

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Am a wife,mum,fashion stylist and mentor ,enterpreneur and blogger. Love life and family!

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