Styles to sew with two yards Ankara

Hey ladies, sorry was absent yesterday. I really don’t like it when I skip a day without posting 😢something to inspire your fashion or creative minds.

So today I want to discuss what you can do with two yards Ankara fabric. Sometimes it could be for asoebi ,other times it could be that you got two yards left after making an ensemble for oga. Whatever the case maybe its very common to have two yards lying around somewhere.

Interestingly there is so much you can do with your two yards.

1; make a jacket or top to wear on jeans
2: mix and match with plain or patterned fabric
3:you could also just use it straight up for some styles of dresses,although some tailors really don’t know how to manage fabric. Personally I take delight in sewing dresses with 2 yards even one and a half sometimes,amazing right? Yea! Na the work when we dey do…😁
4: make a pencil or short ball skirt
5:use it for shorts or pants
6:it can also make a bolero or kimono top as the case may be.

So you see,so much two yards can accomplish irrespective of your size!
Here are gorgeous pictures showing some attainable 2yards style😉.


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