Stunning Kente styles

Do you know that kente is of Ghanaian origin? Kente, also called Nwentom , is a type of silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips and belongs to the Akan people,an ethnic group in Southern Ghana.

They are predominantly very colorful and vibrant! They resemble the Nigerian Akwete cloth or the Aso-oke.

According to history, it all started with two Akan friends who went hunting in the forest. While they were there, they saw a spider building its web and got inspired ,went back home and practice what they had witnessed.

Kente clothes are mostly worn during important ceremonies and celebrations and by royals. Nowadays anyone can wear it at any given time,I also own a beautiful Kente piece that I really treasure because they are really expensive!

Thankfully these days Kente designs can also be found in cotton prints like Ankara that are cheaper and easier to handle.

Do you own a piece too? Here are some exciting Kente designs to inspire you!


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