Ankara shift dresses are the best!😉

Shift dress has become a household name especially for fashion designers or those in the fashion business.

What exactly is a shift dress?

Let me explain in a lame man’s language…lol…it only refers to dresses with a bit of shape but not hugging. It comes most times with just a breast dart and sometimes with zips or buttons behind . You really don’t need zips or buttons to wear them. They hide all the imperfections and gives a beautiful silhouette!

In my ready to wear line I make a lot of these kind of dresses becomes they are super flattering especially for plus size ladies! I had explained the term plus size in my earlier post, you can take a peek …. Watch my YouTube video to see how to cut a shift is super easy and you will feel like a pro already!

Here are a couple of shift dresses from my Voila! wears collection. Most are made with a touch of Ankara as usual!

so these are just a few of the many shift dresses I have made. Every lady deserves a shift dress. They are pretty, super comfy and easy to wear!

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Am a wife,mum,fashion stylist and mentor ,enterpreneur and blogger. Love life and family!

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